4-Column Hydraulic Press (SMC Molding)

  • 4-Column Hydraulic Press (SMC Molding)
Brand: Accurl
Capacity: 630 -- 6300x2+800 kN
Ejecting Force: 190 -- 1600x3 kN
Return Force: 120 -- 850x2+720
Slide Stroke: 500 -- 1600 mm
Ejecting Force: 200 -- 500 mm
Max. Shut Height: 800 -- 2000 mm
Bolster (LR x FB): 580 x 500 -- 4600 x 2600 mm
Outline Size (LR x FB x Above Floor): 2500 x 1430 x 3220 -- 6000 x 3600 x 8000 mm
Main Motor Power: 5.5 -- 3x37
Weight: 2800 -- 250000 kg


1. SMC molding press features an independent electrical control system that is reliable and easy to maintain.

2. Optimized design with a 3-beam, 4-column structure. The design has a high performance to price ratio.

3. Reliable independent electrical control, audio-visual interface and convenient maintenance.

4. The cartridge valves used in the hydraulic control system help regulate flow control and keep the system running reliably with less hydraulic shock and fewer release points.

5. The four-column hydraulic press has a centralized semi-automatic control option in addition to hand adjustment to greatly increase production efficiency.

6. Fixed stroke forming process or fixed pressure forming is selected using a control panel, with pressure hold and time delay functions.

7. Operation force, no-load travelling and low-speed movement can be adjusted according to specific requirement.