H-frame Hydraulic Press

  • H-frame Hydraulic Press
  • H-frame Hydraulic Press
Brand: Accurl


1. The H-frame press is designed using CE safety specifications. Two locking cylinders move into place when the slide reaches the top of the machine. It is also fitted with light sensors in both the front and rear to automatically shut down if something gets near the working area during operation.

2. Designed using a monoblock rigid welded steel frame that has undergone a special heat treatment. The press body is designed using sophisticated structural analysis and optimization.

3. Pressure and stroke settings can be set for continuous, repetitive operation.

4. The hydraulic press is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that limits risk of oil leakage, has an anti-vibration function, and has minimal noise output.

5. Highly accurate slide setting involve 8 sided brass guide rails that have a full stroke length and allow easy adjustment.

6. Mitsubishi PLC and 7/10 inch Taiwan Weinview touch screen interface for easy adjustments and operation.

7. Each of our H-frame hydraulic presses undergoes strict quality control tests and are constructed from carefully selected materials from France, Japan, Germany, USA and Taiwan to ensure the best performance possible.