H-frame Hydraulic Press (Deep Drawing)

  • H-frame Hydraulic Press (Deep Drawing)
Brand: Accurl
Capacity: 630+200x2 -- 3150+1600x2 kN
Return Force: 37x2 -- 408x2 kN
Slide Stroke: 600 -- 1200 mm
Max. Shut Height: 750 -- 1600 mm
Hyd. Pad Capacity: 400 -- 1000x2 kN
Hyd. Pad Return Force: 147 -- 320x2 kN
Hyd. Pad Stroke: 200 -- 400 mm
Bolster (LR x FB): 1000 x 800 -- 3500 x 2000 mm
Hydraulic Pad (LR x FB): 650 x 650 -- 2920 x 1420 mm
Outline Size (LR x FB x Above Floor): 2880 x 1650 x 3250 -- 6200 x 3600 x 7200 mm
Main Motor Power: 30 -- 132 kW
Weight: 7500 -- 120000 kg


1. The H-frame hydraulic press is constructed from rigid high strength steel plates that help with precision power pressing during operation.

2. The machine is fitted with a Siemens HMI screen and highly accurate position and pressure sensors.

3. The hydraulic press features a user-friendly interface that allows compete user control for easy system adjustments.

4. It is equipped with a hydraulic servo valve that allows the power press to run at high speeds and protects the system from impact forces.

5. Monitoring software helps keep the sheet metal equipment operating at maximum capacity and helps keep the user and surrounding personnel safe at all times. The digital display shows operating cycle time, pressure setting, rem position, pressure release time, travel speed, travel setting, complete I/O information and safety alarms.