High Speed C-Type Hydraulic Press

  • High Speed C-Type Hydraulic Press
Brand: Accurl
Capacity: 400 -- 6300 kN
Return Force: 69 -- 650 kN
Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 25 -- 26 mm
Slide Stroke: 400 -- 1100 mm
Throat Depth: 280 -- 1500 kN
Main Motor Power: 5.5 -- 22x2 kW
Weight (Straightening): 2800 -- 51000 kg
Weight (Pressing): 3000 -- 56000 kg


1. The C-Type High Speed Press is one of the new generation of plate process. C-frame design for large operating spaces – suitable for automatic operations forming, punching, bending,straightening and multi-press assemblies to form automatic production line.

2.Totally European design,Monoblock,Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.

3. Fully enclosed drive, easily accessible for maintenance, eliminates, exposed over hanging parts,slide and bolster tables with T-slots.

4. Uses a variable flow piston pump – offers high pressure resistance, high velocity,durability and low noise.

5. Main cylinder is specially designed for high velocity, motor uses less power, high ascending and descending speed, increased efficiency.

6. Hydraulic pipe system uses integrated circuits – manifold block fits inside the press to reduce piping and oil leaks, easy to maintain, simple and safe. Hydraulic system is from Bosch,Germany.

7. Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.

8. Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards (Category-4),Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.

9. Guiding device: adopts four cylindrical location guiding to make sure of the steady precision, and it’s easy to test and maintain.

10. Presses operated with automatic one cycle design; two hand push button design for simple and safe operation. Presses which could realize three-operation mode: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.

11. PLC press control is flexible and safe adjustable proximity switches allows stroke adjustments in seconds.

12. The Machine is with both hands button and foot switch control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms to OSHA.

Dual control can select to use:
a) Moveable pedestal height for comfort and ease of operation c/w dual electric palm buttons & extra emergency stop.
b) movable single-hand pedal switch .

Optional touch screen terminals offer:
a) Data storage of mould(s) and manufacturing conditions.
b) Reduced mould replacement time and calibration, fabrication requirements.
c) Programmable memory for working conditions, displays pressure, stroke, spend data, etc; one cycle process sequence.